Restored By The Fords S1

Pittsburgh, PA

A collection of projects featured on Season One of HGTV’s Restored by the Fords, for which Midland served as the show’s architect.

Project Type: Residential Renovation
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Role: Architecture
Year: 2017


It’s always fun to be a part of projects with Leanne and Steve because with each home we get to tackle something new — a new design solution, a new way of using materials, a new way of approaching a renovation.  With Season One of Restored by the Fords, every project featured a new style of architecture. The diversity of residential architecture in Pittsburgh is one of the things we love most about our city. Across the eight episodes, we brought new life to turn-of-the-century row houses, rural Western Pennsylvania farm cottages, and even a Don Owens-designed mid-century modern ranch.   With each of these projects we tried to be mindful of the history of the home but still push for something fresh and modern. It’s the mix of the two that helps give a newly-renovated home it’s spirit.